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Bringing the correct documents can dramatically speed up your process. Although the list of items can differ depending on your unique credit situation what we suggested you take is:
--Valid Driverís License
--Proof of Auto Insurance
--Financial Info (bank and credit card account info to fill out credit application)
--Social Security Number
--References (with complete contact info, phone numbers and zip codes)
--Proof of Employment and Salary (paycheck stubs, one less than 30 days old)
--Proof of Self Employment (2 years tax returns current)
--Proof of Residence (mortgage document or rental lease agreement)
--Current Phone bill (and other utility bills such as gas, electric or water)
--Down Payment (Cash or Trade)
       One of the ways to rebuild a credit history is to make timely payments on our contracts. If you consistently make proper payments on your contract, Blossom Rental and Leasing Inc. will report that positive behavior to the credit reporting agencies. Over time, your credit score can improve. Enjoy Trade-in-flexibility. We tend to be more forgiving when it comes to accepting trade-ins on older model cars. We understand the value and benefit of getting long-term use out of cars that many traditional companies would not accept: Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Divorces, Single Parent, Fixed Income, Disabilities, to name a few.

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