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Reviewing your credit report is the best way to make sure all your information is accurate. If you find incorrect information, report it to the credit reporting agency. Take special attention paying the items that negatively impact your credit history particularly the most late payments and collections. Getting caught up and consistently paying them on time helps your credit score. Sometimes having old, but well managed, accounts on your report indicates a longer history of being responsible with credit. Lenders look for employment and residential stability. Staying at one job and one address is preferred. Credit when paid on time and managed properly, will help improve your credit.

Blossom Rental and Leasing Q & A

What can you do?
How we accept payments
What is your late payment policy?
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We offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments. We require an automatic withdrawal from a checking or statement savings account.
No one ever intends to make late payments, but sometimes it happens. We report both positive and negative payment information to the credit reporting agencies. If you have a good payment record this can help you start or rebuild a credit history. This can change your life. Perhaps open doors to home ownership.
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