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   Blossom Rental and Leasing offers affordable and dependable vehicles to customers who have limited resources, cash or credit. The Economy has put so many good people with previously established financial stability into a quagmire of uncertainty. Blossom Rental and Leasing Inc. looks at your total picture and not just one quick snapshot in time. We understand the "ups and downs", "ins and outs" of lifes pathways. Yes! we can help or guide you to estabish or rebuild your credit. Leasing from us just might help turn your life around and be the beginning of opening up doors to the financial world to credit cards, bank loans and home ownership. We make no promises. It's up to you. We're willing to work with you if your ready to take the first step by having a confidential consultation and letting us assist you into getting you the transportation your qualified to drive. We make it easy for you to rebuild your credit.

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