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  1. Do You want something more affordable?
  2. Are You unhappy with your current ride?
  3. Do You want a newer vehicle?
  4. Do You need another family van?
  5. Are Your current payments to high?
  6. Have You filed for bankruptcy?
  7. Did You just have a foreclosure?
  8. Are You on disability?
  9. Do You need a special wheelchair van?
  10. Does Everyone else turn You down?
  11. Do You want a chance to rebuild your credit?
  12. Do You want a chance to establish your credit?
  13. Do You own your own home?
  14. Do You rent a home or apartment?
  15. Do You have a savings account?
  16. Do You have a checking account?
  17. Do You work for the same place for over 2 years?
  18. Are You a senior citzen?
  19. Is your family getting larger?

Rent / Lease To Own

If You answered YES to ANY of these questions. You need to call us today, for your own personal consultation.
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